love notes from keesh

"Once in a Blue Moon" Acknowledging the pain and magic of the self healing journey

August 22, 2021 keesh
love notes from keesh
"Once in a Blue Moon" Acknowledging the pain and magic of the self healing journey
Show Notes
Hey y’all!

I hope this message finds you well.

For this love note I want to chat with you about the upcoming full moon (Blue moon in Aquarius) and the power of acknowledging and releasing.

Today’s full moon is particularly special because it is considered a blue moon and serves as an ideal time to release all things that no longer align with our most authentic being and a time to stand firmly in our truths. 

We often hear about the joy and freedom of full mind, body, and soul integration healing, but we rarely hear about how difficult the journey can and will be. How we at times will literally crave for the chaos and disfunction because it has become home to us throughout the years. How incredibly lonely the path to our most authentic self will be, whether we are surrounded by healthy community or not. This sort of healing is a path we must walk along and feel all the feels so that we may finally lay the pains of our past to rest and move forward to the next level.

“Once in a Blue Moon” LaKeshia T. Williams

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During your healing journey, please be gentle with yourself. Allow your emotions to come in, befriend them, and set them free. Never feel guilty or ashamed for your feelings and emotions; be proud of them, they are badges of your humanity. 

Trust that in time the pain will pass and this healing space will have cultivated the discipline and perseverance you will continue to need as you evolve and navigate through this life.

“Once in a blue moon” is a common saying that essentially means something occurring very rarely; a magical occurrence. 

There’s true magic in your healing; it takes courage to be in this vulnerable space. 

Hold tight and keep your eyes on your birthright of abundance. 

Until next time.

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With Love, Keesh

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