love notes from keesh

"Hues" Reconnecting with the Authentic Self Poetry

August 23, 2021 keesh
love notes from keesh
"Hues" Reconnecting with the Authentic Self Poetry
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Hey y’all!

I hope this message finds you well.

For this love note I want to chat with you about the spectrums of thinking.

Black and White Thinking

When we are disconnected from our true being, black and white thinking is not uncommon. Black and white thinking gives a sense of protection; that things are either one way or another.

A beautiful lesson you learn as you reconnect with your authentic self is that life is a spectrum of truths and that there are many ways in which things exist and are perceived. We are all operating on our own frequency and we process information that is presented to us based upon that frequency level.

This does not make a thing good or bad, it just is. We are all connected as one whole, but we each have our own experiences and perceptions that ultimately dedicate our perspectives.

"Hues" LaKeshia T. Williams

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Rainbow Thinking

In most cases, arguments and disagreements are simply different perspectives based upon each individual’s frequency. This lesson will help you better take on the observer and not the judge as I mentioned in an earlier love note, Wrinkles.

There are many different radiant and beautiful hues in the spectrum of life. Do not close yourself off to only the black and white; in doing so, you rob yourself of the true masterpiece of life.

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With Love, Keesh

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