love notes from keesh

"Balance" Doing the work in the seen and having faith in the unseen

August 30, 2021 keesh
love notes from keesh
"Balance" Doing the work in the seen and having faith in the unseen
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“Balance” LaKeshia T. Williams

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When I first began my healing journey, the thought of surrendering my life to the unknown was laughable to me…

I lived my life in a way that I felt I had complete control over everything; I left little to no room for chance. The thought of relinquishing that control into the hands of the unknown was not what I considered to be smart or efficient. Now I realize, I never really had control over anything; I had only fooled myself into believing so.

The more I heal, the more I realize that I know nothing at all and I’m okay with that.

I’m okay with that because it leaves me open and flexible; open to the unseen things that have no room to flourish when living under the delusional sense of complete control.

However, I later found myself on the complete opposite side of that spectrum; expecting things to simply happen because I wrote them down during a New Moon manifesting ritual. This sort of mindset is just as extreme and fruitless as the thought of having complete control; neither will garner the abundance we desire. It is all about balance; remaining open to the unknown, while taking intentional action in the known toward the things we are calling into our lives.

Your balance, is where the magic happens.

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