love notes from keesh

Community: let's connect and hold space for one another as we grow and evolve

September 01, 2021 keesh
love notes from keesh
Community: let's connect and hold space for one another as we grow and evolve
Show Notes
Hey y’all!

I hope this message finds you well.

For this love note I want to chat with you about community and the importance of it, especially while on your self healing journey.

My goal for this space is to create a community of individuals with the intention of reconnecting with the authentic self. We are all at different points and spaces within our individual journeys and I want to cultivate a space where all points and spaces are acknowledged, honored, and celebrated by each of us for one another; a space where we help one another as we unapologetically step into our true being.

Over the last few months, this community has grown exponentially and I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself; there are many new tribe members here I have not had the pleasure of meeting or knowing in person!

I’ll start the introductions first..

My name is LaKeshia Williams, but I mostly go by Keshia or Keesh. I am a 32 year old Shreveport, Louisiana native that graduated twice from two universities within my home state. I have also lived in various parts throughout Louisiana my entire life; northwest, northeast, central, and southwest Louisiana to pinpoint a few. My spiritual awakening unknowingly began for me late 2017 when I chose to separate from my marriage. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have made to date, but my inner knowing knew it was what was best for me. As I approach my four year anniversary of my healing journey, I am slowly beginning to realize that I really know nothing at all, as I mentioned in the earlier love note, Balance.

When I say that, I mean that each and everyday I learn something new about myself. This is a beautiful perception; it allows one to steadily pick up the small breadcrumbs presented to them each day that will ultimately lead them to their authentic self.

The power is in the flexibility and willingness to receive, even when the gift does not look as you wished. The power is in trusting that it all will make sense; and not necessarily make sense one day, but make sense each day. The mindset of believing it all will make sense one day trains the mind to believe there is an end goal or destination and that is the furtherest thing from the truth.

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Life is a never ending journey of authenticity, if you are open to it.

The final destination is only made available to us, when our work here is done. Until then, let’s live in pure authenticity and integrity open to each new day and experience!

We are all individual parts to one whole, and I would love to connect with you further, not only in this space, but across other social media platforms.

We are in this together; at times we may feel lonely, but we are never really alone.

Until next time

Please feel free to introduce yourself and chat in the comments below!

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With Love, Keesh

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