love notes from keesh

This is why feeling butterflies isn’t a good sign

September 09, 2021 keesh
love notes from keesh
This is why feeling butterflies isn’t a good sign
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Hey y’all!

I hope this message finds you well.

I want to begin this love note discussing “the butterfly Affect.”

I know you’re probably wondering if I made a mistake and if I actually meant to type effect. But no, I meant to type affect.

Let’s take a moment to clarify the meaning of each:

affect- v. to influence, alter, change, modify

effect- n. the outcome of an event or situation that created a change; a result of something

Now allow me to explain, the butterfly AFFECT…

Have you ever heard the saying, they give me butterflies?

Typically, it is a phrase that refers to the giddy, bubbly feeling felt in the body, predominately the stomach, one can feel when they think of or are approaching a special person, lover, or friend.

If you are like me, I grew up thinking that feeling butterflies in the stomach meant I was extremely excited to see the person. Now I realize, those were flutters of panic and anxiety that my nervous system was sending me; alerting me to run for the hills and deal with the real issues that were plaguing me. Trauma affects our bodies in a host of different ways and it is important for us to be able to properly identify the internal signals our bodies are sending us.

Now of course, seeing or thinking of a lover or friend can excite you, but in a calming way; less frenzy and nervousness. You feel a sense of ease knowing you will soon be in each other’s presence vs a sense of dis-ease.

Our bodies are beautiful communicators; they are always communicating things to us. We have to learn how to intentionally listen to those communicators and make the appropriate adjustments necessary. Our nervous system is one of our biggest communicators and it is essential that we cultivate a calm and trusting internal environment for it to operate at its most optimal efficiency. I have been researching practices and techniques for a few months now geared toward realigning and calming the nervous system. It was brought full circle for me Monday night that I am on the right track after attending a beautiful New Moon ceremony with my circle sister, Mahadevi. In our ceremony, she discussed the importance of a calmed nervous system and I instantly accepted the divine alignment of her message. When we are exposed to trauma for extended periods of time, our nervous systems can become stuck or lodged in hyperactive or hypoactive gear and cause several negative manifestations for us, both physically and mentally.

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Healing and Realigning your Nervous System

All stress isn’t bad; our nervous system is designed to successfully assist us in navigating through more commonplace stressors, such as a public speaking event or a work deadline, however, a nervous system that is consistently in “go” mode due to signiSupport the show