love notes from keesh

Reclaiming Your Time

September 14, 2021 keesh
love notes from keesh
Reclaiming Your Time
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Hey y’all!

I hope this message finds you well.

I want to start this love note with discussing our energy; our most valuable and irreplaceable form of currency.

You may be wondering…

How is our energy considered a form of currency?

Our energy is our most sacred form of currency; how we choose to distribute our time and attention each day is vital to our overall wellbeing and the prices for our chosen purchases are due immediately upon receipt.The way we choose to spend our currency (our time, attention, and energy), the payment for those choices is due immediately upon receipt (reflected in the trajectory of our lives). If we consistently, without limits, choose unaligned purchases, such as, binge watching hours of television, instead of, consistently choosing more aligned purchases, such as, working on our small business plan as we promised ourselves we would, the return on investment is minimal to non-existent. You pay the ultimate price in wasted time for an activity that in the long run, will not add any value or longevity to your life.

Now don’t get me wrong,

we all love a bit of mindless activity at times to blow off a little steam from the day or to relax unapologetically into a pool of nothingness, but like everything, those purchases need a cap; a cutoff point, in which, you are aware of the price you are paying for investing in such activities that ultimately hold no long term value and will eventually cost you the life you wish to manifest.

Funny enough, this poem and message came to me as I was watching The Temptations, (one of my top five favorite movies). In response to seeing it on tv, I tweeted:

Now, of course I was being dramatic and silly, but watching The Temptations was a purchase I actively choose to invest my currency in. As long as I am aware of the time spent while investing in my preferred recreational activities, while simultaneously, intentionally and consistently making honest efforts to limit those activities in a way that best serves me, then I am operating in my own lane of integrity. Notice the time stamp of 2:04 a.m. I had been writing for about two hours or so prior, so a break from the minutia of the keyboard clicks and the computer screen glare was well deserved! I had already invested a great amount of my currency into something that will create abundance for myself in the long run.

Important: Never will I ever, tell you how to spend your currency. My only purpose is to bring your awareness to the sacredness of it. Remember: you are the only one that can walk your journey forward to reconnecting with your authentic self; myself and the community here are merely your cheerleaders and supporters. In this space, we encourage one another to be our best self, in whatever way that looks best for each individual, however, a properly aligned community wouldn’t be doing its job to inspire and encourage one another if we didn’t hold each other accountable.

There is no shame if you realize your currency spending habits need improving; if anything, that is a cause for celebrating! You are becoming more aware and open to receiving messages aligned with your best interest in heart, just as I’m sure you ultimately wanSupport the show