love notes from keesh

Mommy Dearest

November 01, 2021 keesh
love notes from keesh
Mommy Dearest
Show Notes
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Hey y’all!

I hope this message finds you well.

For this year’s spooky season, I chose to challenge myself beyond my typical fashion- based inspired Halloween costume to something that would better relate to my personal healing/authenticity journey. For those of you that are not following my other social media platforms, my Halloween costume was inspired by the character, Beverly Sutphin, from John Water’s 1994 Horror/Comedy, Serial Mom. Serial Mom has always been a nostalgic favorite of mine. Water’s brilliantly transforms a horrific story into a comedy; something that is much easier to consume for the public. If you have never seen or heard of Serial Mom, click HERE for a brief plot synopsis.

Many people are unaware, I know I didn’t realize it until much later in life, that Serial Mom is indeed based on true events. As I sat and relived a brief moment of my childhood and rewatched it a few different times over the past few weeks, I realized just how frequently trauma-based realities are put directly in our faces, but many times, it is too hard for us to even fathom they have any real truth to them. I feel this is why Water’s chose to tell the harsh reality of the actual story the individuals involved endured in the way in which he did. It is hard to believe that someone, especially a mother, would be capable of such horrendous actions and crimes as Beverly committed. Her actions created deep, dark wounds for her family and the others involved, while she simultaneously, presented herself to the public as a stellar mother, friend, and community member. Water’s decision to portray this horrific story in a comedic way allowed the portrayal of such a vile, narcissistic, psychopath to be broadcasted to a worldwide audience. Especially for that time frame of the early 90s when the word narcissism and narcissists were not as prevalent as they are today. Overall, Beverly’s actions created a deep mother wound sure to plague them all until each person takes the necessary actions to properly heal the trauma.

Check out my TikTok video of me merging into Serial Mom herself:

“Tailored” Poetic Justice poem series

Some of you may be thinking that Serial Mom is simply a movie and that I am essentially making a mountain out of a molehill in considering the trauma and healing process of fictional characters. But remember, I mentioned earlier that it is based on true events; so, there was real trauma present for all individuals involved in that situation. But even going beyond that, many of us unknowingly carry our own mother wound that has been secretly plaguing our lives and repressing and stifling our authenticity and integrity.

Tailored creatively explores my mother/matriarch wound. How I personally wore trauma tailored specifically for me to bear. Trauma I had no part in creating, but that I was expected to silently wear and carry my entire life. Authenticity I was never allowed to custom-fit to reflect my true being.

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